Uncategorized$5.00 Chiavari Chair Rental-

$5.00 Chiavari Chair Rental-


Our chiavari chairs are scratch free and cleaned after each and every single rental!
We offer, GOLD CHIAVARI CHAIRS and SILVER CHIAVARI CHAIRS for $5 per chair depending on the quantity of chairs needed. The more you rent the more you save!

Top Ten AND FUN Reasons to Rent Chiavari Chairs 

10. Chiavari chairs deliver thrills even without any frills. 

9.There are countless ways to add on your favorite things– bows, sashes and ribbons galore!

8.People will like you more because the chair has a cushion they can put their tush on. 

7.Move ‘em around again, and again, and again because they’re light and durable. 

6.How can you go wrong with gold or silver? 

5.Your guests will look so proper and feel super comfy.

4.It’s see-through, so people can see all the hours you spent on decorating the tables.

3. If you spill your wine, you can just trade out the cushion. Neat until the party’s complete.

2. They look expensive.

And the number 1 reason we love chiavari chairs at weddings is…

1. You can pronounce chiavari (shi-VAR-ee) and sound so super cool.


Only your fave rental company in located Harrisburg serving York, Lancaster and Mechanicsburg can rent at such cool prices!! Come see our showroom!


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