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Luxury Chargers

Lets talk luxury chargers guys! Chargers set the tone of your tablescape. No formal dinner table is truly complete without a set of chargers – those large, decorative plates that peek out from the edges of the dining plates proper, offering color, style and sometimes a rich metallic glint. How much do you know about these gorgeous pieces of table decor? Their origin – and lengthy history – might just surprise you. Read on…

Beyond simple decoration and color coordination, charger plates serve a very important purpose: protecting the table and cloth beneath them. As hot plates, sloshing bowls of soup and generous plates of food are placed on them, spills and drips are confined safely away from the table cloth or surface. Crumbs and scraps slide out of sight between the plates, offering a more aesthetically pleasing dining experience. The charger plates can also be used to move hot plates without burning one’s fingers, an important note for multi-course meals or formal dinners that require employees to change the upper plates.

Is there anything charger plates can’t do? Well, there’s a few things that they shouldn’t, at least for propriety’s sake. If you are using charger plates, they can remain in place from the appetizer course onwards, but should be entirely removed from the table just prior to dessert. It’s also in poor etiquette to serve food directly on the charger plates themselves, as their decorative paint or embellishments may not be food safe – so always make sure to place a plate on top of them.

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