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Luxury Trendy Lounge Areas

Lets talk Lounge areas! Luxury Lounge areas in particular! Though the lounge are seems new and trendy, it has always been around. Couples have used this in the past as an area where their elderly guests can relax away form the party of the reception.


With lounge areas becoming more popular, couples have dreamed up seating that feels inventive, fun, and a perfect match for their wedding aesthetic. Creating these lounge areas can be a great way to drive home your wedding theme and breaking up large spaces!

Lexington Sofa- Soft Grey colorup large spaces. We particularly love them for expansive venues. 

You can bring in a look that feels much like a comfy living room,  cushy couches and pretty single armchairs etc. Your imagination shouldn’t end there, also opt for themed seating areas like a teepee lounge area!! Do a complete Vintage feel area, or go for modern with clean lines there’s no shortage of creative ways to create your own lounge area.

How Can you create a lounge area with our new pieces?

Call us to help with your design and options!


Crosby Sofa

Our Crosby Sofa is one way in which a couple can integrate lounge seating at their reception.


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