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Spring Wedding Design Inspirations

Weddings are an exciting time indeed. But even before the excitement of the proposal dies down, you should start planning your wedding. It is, after all, one of the biggest events in your life, so it needs careful planning.

Before anything else, your wedding and event planner will need to know when you’re going to have the wedding to get the ball rolling. They need to know which season it will fall under, so they know how to approach the event. 

Of course, this is not an easy decision, as there will be lots of things to consider. But if you want to deck the aisle with peonies and use pastel colors for your theme, then you may want to consider a spring wedding. 

Aside from the beautiful flowers and great weather, there are many reasons why party event planners recommend spring weddings.

Modern spring wedding ideas

Your wedding and event planner will help you plan your special day. You can make the brainstorming session easier by giving them wedding pegs and inspiration. Check out some of these ideas for your spring wedding:

Pastel color scheme

Springtime is perfect for pastel colors like blue, pink, and green, which are popular wedding color schemes. Of course, pastel is not your only option. Spring is so forgiving with color combinations that you can get away with most palettes. You can combine a soft color with something bolder. You can even go dark if you want to give your guests a pleasant surprise.

Invitation design

Your wedding invite is the first glimpse your guests will get about your wedding. So, in a sense, it is a summary of the event. Make sure that the invite design reflects your theme. And since spring is all about nature, then why not draw inspiration from there? You can emphasize the springtime colors and flowers.


Food is a crucial element for any kind of event. Good food means happy guests. That’s why you need to pay special attention to the food you will be serving, from the entrees and main course to the dessert. Of course, don’t forget about the drinks!


Springtime is all about flowers. But that doesn’t mean that a floral wedding is your only option. You can make the event feel unique and exclusive by adding a bit of your personal touch. It is your special day, after all. So why not have a theme that has special meaning to you and your spouse-to-be?


If you really want to make your wedding day extra special, you can ask your guests to bring certain kinds of gifts that fit your theme. Maybe you have a list of spring-themed decor you’d like to decorate your home with, or maybe you have everything you need already, and you want your guests to make a world hunger donation instead. Whatever you choose, let your guests know what your theme is and how they can participate!

5 Reasons to have a spring wedding

Wedding flowersThese five reasons may help convince you even further that spring is the best season for your wedding day.

Good weather

Even the best wedding and event planner can’t control the weather. But, during spring, you can have the most beautiful garden wedding without fear of bad weather ruining it. So there’s no reason why you can’t have an outdoor wedding with a convertible for your getaway car.

Nature is in full bloom

Spring creates a naturally romantic atmosphere with the trees, flowers, vines, and all kinds of greenery blooming and coming alive. You will look splendid and ethereal surrounded by the full beauty of nature. Plus, you will have a wide selection for your wedding flowers because of all the beautiful blooms in season, such as peonies, dahlias, poppies, and sweet peas.

More beautiful moments to capture

With nature as your backdrop, your wedding photographs will come out picture-perfect every time. This way, you won’t have to go overboard with the decor. Embrace the beauty of nature and use it to your advantage.

Most friends and family are free

Weddings are best shared with loved ones. So, of course, you want to share your special day with your friends and family. Fortunately, spring isn’t a major vacation time like winter or summer. That means more people are generally free to attend your wedding.

Spring symbolizes rebirth

Spring symbolizes new life. It is a time for rebirth, brighter days, and new beginnings—with nature coming alive after a long winter hiatus. What a perfect way to celebrate the start of your new life together as a married couple!From the gorgeous flowers and unlimited sunshine to high fashion, spring is indeed the perfect time for weddings. How exciting!

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