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How To Find the Best Wedding Planning Company

Finding the perfect wedding planning company that’s the perfect fit for you is no easy task.

Each couple should be certain that the planner they hire is professional and experienced. 

Finding a professional that fits this description and is willing to work within your budget may feel more like looking for the proverbial needle in a haystack. But take heart as there are a few strategies that can make the process easier on you.

Advantages of hiring a wedding planner

Wedding planning is a project that requires maximum input to realize your dreams as a couple and avoid setbacks. Therefore, do not underestimate the value professionals from wedding planning companies bring to this very special event.If you choose your planner wisely, you easily end up:

  • Saving time – On average, it takes couples about 528 hours to plan their wedding, which comes to 22 days! Partnering up with a wedding planner takes the bulk of the back and forth communication with vendors from your plate, so you can focus exclusively on you and your partner.
  • Saving money – Wedding planners obtain discounts from vendors, even florists, invitation printers, and marketers, which they pass along to you. Pros also negotiate better prices so your wedding fits into your budget.
  • Getting unmatched creativity – A wedding planner is the best source of unlimited creativity and in touch with the latest industry trends while adapting to your requirements.
  • Perfect coordination of the entire day – The last thing you need to worry about on your wedding day is juggling the details that make it perfect. A wedding planner ensures that every little detail, from the flowers and wedding cake to the color of the tablecloths, is in perfect condition and goes according to plan. They can even help you plan your perfect honeymoon, perfect honeymoon, even if you’re traveling to a unique place like Southeast Asia for after the wedding.
  • Keeping drama under control – What do you do in case of unforeseen and unwanted stress that pops up in the middle of your wedding? Worry not as a professional wedding planner has all types of plans B, C, and even Z to avoid the unforeseen as well as avoidable events.

How to find the best wedding planner

Found a wedding planner that may be the perfect fit?It’s time you take the next step from our wedding planning tips – do some online research to check out the service provider’s social media, blog, portfolio, and website. Reviews from previous clients and pictures from previous weddings on these platforms are a great opportunity to get a grasp of the wedding planner’s style.This is also the opportune way of learning the provider’s brand voice and communication style. If the planner is really in touch with social media, you may even have a sneak live peek at one of their client’s wedding day on Facebook or Instagram stories.

Wedding photo

© Photo by @joyannepanton (Instagram)

Have the wedding of your dreams

The perfect wedding planner for you is able to tap into everything that makes you and your partner unique, and allow this to shine through into the event design and planning. Reves Etheres is the 2019 WeddingWire’s Couples Choice Award winner. They offer several coordination levels depending on the involvement you require help with. These are:

  1. Day-of coordination – Perfect for the couple that has all planning taken care of but requires professional help and insightful wedding planning tips.
  2. Partial planning – For the couple that has picked the date, venue and identified some vendors, but requires professional guidance to bring all the pieces together
  3. Full-service planning – Helps couples throughout the entire wedding planning process, and you are involved in each step of the way from finalizing your budget and sticking to it to researching and selecting vendors

Wedding showcase

Adeola and Olakitan have special ideas for their wedding, and Reves Etheres is helping them make their dreams come true when they celebrate their perfect wedding next month. The couple intends to have a traditional Yoruba wedding in April, complete with the cultural elements of the ceremony. They are also planning to have a traditional white wedding on Saturday, with planning taken care of by the professionals at Reves Etheres. The style you choose for your wedding is personalized and infused with fresh ideas – the only true limit is your imagination!

Wedding photo

© Photo by @joyannepanton (Instagram)

What a beautiful couple! Reves Etheres is helping them bring their wildest wedding dreams to life while ensuring their personal touches and important traditional elements are present.

Wouldn’t you love the same for your wedding?

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