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How To Plan A Luxury Bespoke Wedding

Nobody gets more excited at a wedding than the bride herself — and she has every right to be. As they say, a wedding is every girl’s fairytale come true because it is at this moment that she is finally marrying the man of her dreams.

This is why every bride makes it a point to be involved in the planning and preparation. They want to ensure that all aspects of the wedding are in place, from picking the most beautiful wedding gown down to looking up ‘throne chairs for rent near me‘. They want it to be as perfect as possible.

But planning a bespoke wedding, whether in 5 years or 5 months, can be overwhelming for anybody. Although most couples want to be hands-on in the preparations, hiring an event organizer will save you from feeling stressed.

Luxury bespoke wedding checklist

A bride’s best ally in planning a luxury bespoke wedding is her checklist. Here’s a list of things to do to ensure an unforgettable day:

The budget

One of the scariest aspects to discuss with your soon-to-be husband is the wedding budget. Many couples would agree that setting a financial plan for a huge event can be intimidating, especially if the two of you would want a luxury bespoke wedding. But remember, the best – and most enjoyable – weddings are those that are planned and executed well. So, how about starting by setting a wedding budget and sticking to it? That way, you’ll ensure you have enough money to achieve what you want for your big day.

The bridal theme

Once you have a budget, you’ll have the free reign to brainstorm about your bridal theme. Luxury bespoke weddings are all about your personal preferences, including your favorite colors and themes. Have you been thinking about unique ideas like a fairytale-themed wedding? Then it’s time you make it a reality. Look up ‘throne chairs for rent near me’ online, plus decorations that would go with the theme best. The thing about bespoke weddings is that you can go crazy with the styling — as long as your partner agrees, of course.

Date and season

Whatever day and month you choose for your wedding, consider the season it falls under. The time of the year will determine whether you’ll be having a summer, fall, winter, or spring wedding. Note that it will affect most of your wedding aspects, including the venue. If it falls under the summer months, there are amazing wedding venues perfect for the hot months. If it’s going to be during cold months, then the venue will have to be indoors.

Your guest list

Whether it’s a huge gathering or just something intimate, you’ll need to create a guest list. It can be complicated to decide who to invite, as you may have a lot of names in your mind. To make it quicker and easier, pick a number depending on the size of your budget and venue and add people who you truly want to be there for your big day.Wedding is the most happy moment!

Finding the right furniture to match the theme

Weddings are one of the most intimate and special events anyone can be a part of. While entertainment and food are very important, the choice of furniture also plays a pivotal role, especially for bespoke weddings. You’ll need beautiful pieces to match the theme. So how do you achieve that?

Look for those that suit the overall style

If you’ve been dying to incorporate the fairytale theme into your wedding, you will need beautiful pieces fit for royalty. Try searching for ‘throne chairs for rent near me’online and pick colors and styles that you think will suit well with the overall scheme.

Make sure they add to the glitz and glamour

The furniture pieces you pick should be able to add to the glitz and glamour of your wedding theme. Look for inspiration online and then ask your wedding planner where to rent throne chairs or other styles of chairs so you can find the best ones that fit the theme.

Choose quality

The quality of each piece should be high, knowing that they will be used for a special occasion where everybody is present, and you want your guests to be comfortable. Wait till you see the pictures!

Importance of hiring a professional event planner

No matter how much effort you put into planning, there is always something that could go wrong, and this can be stressful on your big day! You’ll be glad that a professional event planner is there to help. They are there to take the burden off of you so you can enjoy more free time for yourself before and during the big day.A professional planner knows every aspect that needs to be taken care of as well. Having someone to help you deal with the photographers, printing services, event marketing, and furniture rentals will ensure nothing is left unchecked and the day itself runs smoothly. Everyone always says your wedding is over before you know it, so being able to stay in the moment and enjoy what’s happening with your partner and family is one of the greatest gifts someone could give you on your big day!


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