BlogChoosing a Color Scheme and Design Idea for Your Wedding

Choosing a Color Scheme and Design Idea for Your Wedding

You’re finally engaged! Congratulations! Now, what? You should be starting to make your wedding plans. It is a very big event. And, the earlier you begin, the smoother things will go as no one likes to scramble to plan close to the event day! You should start looking for inspiration and coming up with a list of themes and color schemes you might like.

Once you know what theme and color scheme you want, you can plan the decor and furniture! Online is a great place to start doing research, so start searching for linens, fabrics, and ‘throne chairs for rent near me’ as early as you can. Depending on what season you’re having your wedding in, you may need more time to plan ahead so all of the best items are rented already!

On your big day, you will be thankful for giving plenty of time ahead of schedule to plan.

Popular wedding themes and designs for 2020

Here are some popular wedding themes you may want to consider for this year! 

  • Romantic. A romantic-themed wedding typically consists of delicate lighting, soft hues, and lots of florals. To achieve the look, you can include hanging lights, pastels, calligraphy, and even a flower wall in your overall venue décor.
  • Vintage. You can achieve a vintage-inspired wedding through your looks and the style of your wedding gown. You can also use antique-looking décor items for the reception and ceremony, such as worn-in wood seats and weathered doors. To complete the event in the same fashion, you can drive away in a classic car, such as an old Volkswagen or Porsche.
  • Rustic. Some of the elements you can include in your big day to achieve the simple and homey vibe of a rustic-themed wedding are mason jars, string lights, lace, twine, and wood. For your venue, consider a place with a more rural atmosphere, like an intimate and chic barn.
  • Whimsical. Whimsical couples can have the wedding of their dreams by adding splashes of bright colors, as well as quirky and bohemian components in their venue. Design elements, like punchy floral arrangements, streamers, colorful balloons, and mismatched chairs, can complete a whimsical-themed wedding.

Once you’ve picked the theme, you should choose the style of furniture you want. Search online for ‘throne chairs for rent near me’ to find the ones that will complement your decor the best. There are loads of options and colors to choose from, so the next step is to look at color schemes.

Wedding color schemes for any theme

Having the right furniture at your wedding is very important to achieve the right look and feel for the venue. But, planning your big day is not just about getting the best fancy rental chairs. One of the first things you need to cross off your list is choosing a color scheme.However, choosing a color scheme is not as easy as combining your favorite colors. Remember, this is the first thing your florist, stylist, and wedding cake baker will ask from you before they can start their work. To help you get an idea, here are some of the best wedding themes and color trends to choose from. You can do research on Pinterest, or follow influence marketers on social media to gain more inspiration from online marketing trends from the biggest names in the wedding industry.Wedding table

Papaya, pineapple, pink glass, watermelon, white

This color combination is perfect for a summer wedding that is bubbling with happy energy and cheerful smiles. The romantic, lighthearted, playful, and feminine color palette will evoke a soft and Bohemian vibe.

Peach, coconut, pinot noir, icy blue, blonde

The pastel color palette used in this scheme sets the mood for a happy and lighthearted spring wedding. The fruity shade of peach has a warmness to it that makes it the perfect base for such an occasion.

Steel, charcoal, blue fog, matte copper, ash rose

This uses a toned-down color palette with cool neutrals perfect for winter weddings. The unexpected combination of blue and steel gray with copper and toasty rose makes a striking blend that captures the glitz and glam of New Year’s.

Matching furniture to the aesthetics

The overall appearance of the venue gives your guests their first impression of the quality of your wedding. This includes flower arrangements, table decorations, and chair dressing. If the event theme is well-executed, you can expect a lot of compliments and beautiful pictures.Beautifully decorated chairs add to the grandeur of the occasion. But, nobody said all your furniture has to be special or expensive. You can turn an ordinary chair into something special by beautifully decorating it with simple elements like seat covers, flowers, and ribbons. This can help you save some money instead of renting the most expensive furniture. Plus, it’s a good way to help the furniture match your theme and color scheme. As for the bride and groom’s chairs, you can opt for something more glamorous. So, go ahead and find the best throne chairs for rent near you. You deserve it. After all, it is the most special day of your life. You and your groom are the queen and king of the day.

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