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How To Choose the Best Linens For Your Event

The linens you use for your event have a significant role in completing its overall look. Not only are linens beautiful and functional, they also transform your venue from an ordinary setting to a stunning work of art.

The combination of the perfect seating options from the best chair rentals in Philadelphia along with the right linens is critical to the appearance of your event.

But, do you know which colors work best for your theme? Have you found which materials are the best fit for your event? And is it better to purchase or rent linens?

Matching your linens to your event’s theme

According to linen rental professionals in big cities like Philadelphia, the color scheme sets the mood for your event, and selecting the right color for your party can help transform it into a festive, elegant function.Use these tips for the perfect theme color coordination:

  • Consider event mood – For example, blue can be the base of the color scheme for a professional business gathering, solemn memorial wake, or a baby gender reveal. However, the hues you use will be different with the darker tones best for reflective or somber events, bolder shades for a productive atmosphere, and bright shades for celebratory events.
  • Coordinate with the setting – Coordinate your linen colors with the natural background of your setting. Take into consideration the groundcover or flooring, paint, flower, light fixtures, and other decorations as you choose the theme colors.

Introduce a touch of contrast – Introducing a pop of contrast to your base color helps grab attention. For instance, use lighter or darker shades of the same color family, bold colors on the opposite ends of the color wheel, or even neon and metallic hues. However, don’t choose more than two accent colors or you’ll end up with a haphazard-looking color scheme.

Choosing the right fabrics for different events

Beautiful flowers on the tableIf you’re planning a big event, you will need to work with a table and chair rental company in Philadelphiafor adequate seating space. These rentals also mean you’ll need high-quality tablecloths and accessories to decorate the furniture.Below are some high-quality table materials to choose from, depending on your event:

  • Polyester – Popular for weddings and events due to linen-like quality and low cost
  • Satin – Sparkly and with a soft-feel, making it popular for wedding and other events where you want to create a statement look
  • L’amour – A thick, high-quality fabric with a silky feel and perfect for birthdays, weddings, anniversaries, and much more
  • Taffeta – These tablecloths have a glossy shine like satin but available in pinwheel, pintuck, and crinkle styles for special occasions, weddings, and dinner parties
  • Sequins – High-shine fabrics that lend a glittery, high-end look to main tables at glamorous events or upscale weddings

Depending on the nature of your event is how you’ll choose the best type of durable material to use as well. If you’re hosting a children’s birthday party, you’ll definitely want to use some more durable tablecloths and napkins. If the event is for companion animals, finding dog clothes that will hold up during their playtime is important. If your party is for adults, you can focus more on color and texture of your linens, instead of durability.

Buying or renting linens: which is better?

Rental linens and tablecloths have almost similar price points as purchased items. A decision to either rent or buy is purely based on the value derived, and not the dollar figure.To help you make the right decision, consider the following:

  • Price – Purchasing your own linens is a more economical decision if you intend to use the linens many more times in the future. They can come in handy whenever you are helping throw a family member’s wedding or birthday. On the other hand, you will be responsible for setting up and cleaning the linens before and after each event.
  • Quality – You can find several companies who provide table linen rentals in Philadelphia that offer high-quality materials. These professionals also understand what materials can stand tearing, snags, and ripping, so they can recommend what’s best for your type of event.
  • Available options – When you rent from a company, you gain the benefit to choose the colors, fabrics, and sizes that work best for you and your next event, and they are delivered or shipped to your location. You have the option of renting only napkins and tablecloths, or can splurge on extra accents like chair cushions, table runners, and throw pillows. After the event, the event planner simply packs up the used linens and ships them back to the rental company. No stress on your part!

Don’t underestimate the power that linens have on your next event! The choice you make will either be a strain or be stress-free. Whether working with a linen rental or chair rental company in Philadelphia, an experts opinion on how to make the right choice will be very valuable!This content is brought to you by Ardor SEO, who believes that planning an event is infinitely easier with an event coordinator. Find out more about how they canpower up your digital agency today.

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